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CVR ENERGY INC filed this Form 8-K on 09/04/2018
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MARKET FUNDAMENTALS Solid Historical Fertilizer Demand  Global fertilizer demand has historically  Global Fertilizer Consumption increased in‐line with population and  Billions of Metric Tonnes Population in Billions income growth 200 8  Nitrogen represents ~60% of global  fertilizer consumption − Must be applied annually 150 6 − Most important determinant of plant  growth and crop yield Corn production consumes largest  100 4 amount of fertilizer followed by wheat Global Arable Land per Capita 0.26 50 2 0.24 0.22 0 0 0.20 Hectares per Person Hectares per 0.18 Nitrogen Phosphate Potash World Population (billions) Note: Nutrient Tons; Fertilizer Years. Source: International Fertilizer Industry Association; U.S. Bureau of the Census (International Data Base) and USDA. 18

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