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C. Douglas Johnson

C. Douglas Johnson

Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer

Mr. Johnson has served as our Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer since March 2021. Mr. Johnson has more than 31 years of experience in the refining and petrochemicals industry in areas relating to crude, feedstock, product and process optimization, commercial activities, marketing, logistics and capital utilization. Prior to joining CVR Energy, he served as vice president, Asia for Marathon Petroleum Corporation (“Marathon”) and vice president, Asia with Andeavor, which was acquired by Marathon in 2018. From 2004 to June 2017, Mr. Johnson served in various roles with Western Refining, Inc. (“WNR”), which was acquired by Andeavor (then Tesoro Corporation) in June 2017, including as president of Western Refining Logistics, LP, a master limited partnership operating terminals, pipelines and other logistics assets, and as senior vice president, supply and trading. Prior to WNR, Mr. Johnson held various commercial and marketing roles with ConocoPhillips, Tosco and BP. Mr. Johnson received a Bachelor of Science in Management Science from Wright State University, with a concentration in statistics.

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