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Ted Papapostolou
Director and Chairman of the Board (Compensation Committee; Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee)
Mr. Papapostolou has served as our director and as Chairman of the Board since March 2023. Mr. Papapostolou has served as the Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Accounting Officer of Icahn Enterprises L.P. (“IEP”), since November 2021 and April 2020, respectively. Mr. Papapostolou has served as a director of IEP since December 2021 and as its Secretary since April 2020. Mr. Papapostolou served in various progressive accounting positions at IEP from March 2007 to March 2020. Previously, Mr. Papapostolou worked at Grant Thornton LLP in their audit practice. Mr. Papapostolou has served as director of Viskase Companies, Inc. since April 2020. IEP and Viskase Companies, Inc. are each indirectly controlled by Carl C. Icahn. Mr. Papapostolou received his M.B.A. from The Peter J. Tobin College of Business at Saint John's University and his B.B.A. from Frank G. Zarb School of Business at Hofstra University.

Jaffrey (Jay) A. Firestone
Director (Audit Committee; Compensation Committee; Environmental, Health & Safety Committee)
Mr. Firestone has served as our director since April 2020. Since 2006, Mr. Firestone has served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Prodigy Pictures Inc., a leader in the production of quality film, television and cross-platform media. Previously, Mr. Firestone established Fireworks Entertainment in 1996 to produce, distribute and finance television programs and feature films. In 1998, Fireworks Entertainment was acquired by CanWest Global Communications Corporation, and Mr. Firestone was named Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and oversaw the company’s Los Angeles and London based television operations as well as its Los Angeles feature film division, Fireworks Pictures. In addition, Mr. Firestone oversaw the company’s interest in New York based IDP Distribution, an independent distribution and marketing company formed by Fireworks Entertainment in 2000 as a joint venture with Samuel Goldwyn Films and Stratosphere Entertainment. Mr. Firestone has served on the board of directors for the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences International Council in Los Angeles. Mr. Firestone previously served on the board of directors and the audit committee of Voltari Corporation, a company in the business of acquiring, financing and leasing commercial real properties from 2011 to 2019. Mr. Firestone has led two successful initial public offerings and, in 1998, was nominated for entrepreneur of the year. Mr. Firestone obtained a degree in commerce from McMasters University.

Hunter C. Gary
Director (Compensation Committee – Chairman; Environmental, Health & Safety Committee)
Mr. Gary has served as our director since September 2018. Mr. Gary has served as Senior Managing Director of Icahn Enterprises, LP (“IEP”), a diversified holding company engaged in a variety of businesses, including investment, automotive, energy, food packaging, metals, real estate and home fashion, and has been employed by IEP since November 2010. At IEP, Mr. Gary is responsible for monitoring portfolio company operations, implementing operational value enhancement and leading operational activities in areas including, technology, merger integration, supply chain, organization transformation, real estate, recruiting, business process outsourcing, SG&A cost reduction, strategic IT projects, and executive compensation. Mr. Gary has served in various roles at IEP, including President of IEP’s Real Estate segment since November 2013 and head of IEP’s Information Technology and Cybersecurity group since September 2015. Mr. Gary has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Cadus Corporation (“Cadus”), a company engaged in the acquisition of real estate for renovation or construction and resale, from March 2014 until June 2018. Prior to both IEP and Cadus, Mr. Gary had been employed by Icahn Associates Corporation (“IA”), an affiliate of IEP, in various roles since June 2003, most recently as the Chief Operating Officer of Icahn Sourcing LLC, a group purchasing organization focused on leveraging the aggregated spend of its collective members.

Mr. Gary has been a director of: 767 Leasing LLC, an automotive leasing company, since April 2021; NS Beach Club LLC (“NSBC”) a country club operator, since February 2021; New Seabury Homes LLC (“NSH”), a developer of single-family homes, since February 2021; Vivus Inc. (“Vivus”), a pharmaceutical company, since December 2020; Conduent Inc. (“Conduent”), a business process outsourcing company, since August 2020; Eagle Entertainment Cayman Holdings Company LTD (“EECH”), a timeshare and resort, since October 2018; Icahn Automotive Group LLC (“IAG”), an automotive parts installer, retailer and distributor, since February 2016; The Pep Boys - Manny, Moe & Jack (“PBYS”), an automotive parts installer and retailer, since February 2016; and WestPoint Home LLC (“WPH”), a home textiles manufacturer, since June 2007.

Mr. Gary was previously a director of: PSC Metals Inc. (“PSC”), a metal recycling company, from May 2012 until December 2021; ACF Industries LLC (“ACF”), a railcar manufacturing company, from July 2015 until September 2021; the general partner of CVR Partners, LP (“CVR Partners”), a nitrogen fertilizer production company, from September 2018 until March 2021; Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. (“HLF”), a nutrition company, from April 2014 until January 2021; IEH AIM LLC (“AIM”), an auto parts buying group, from March 2017 until September 2019; IEH BA LLC (“BA”), a seller of imported auto parts, from March 2017 until June 2019; Ferrous Resources Limited (“Ferrous”), an iron ore mining company, from June 2015 until August 2019; the general partner of CVR Refining, L.P. (“CVRR”), an independent downstream energy limited partnership, from September 2018 until February 2019; Tropicana Entertainment Cayman Holdings Co. Ltd. (“TEC”), a casino and resort holding company, from January 2011 until October 2018; Tropicana Entertainment Inc. (“TEI”), a company that is primarily engaged in the business of owning and operating casinos and resorts, from March 2010 to October 2018; Cadus and Cadus Technologies Inc., from February 2014 to June 2018; Icahn Nevada Management Corp., the owner and management company of an unfinished casino and resort, from June 2014 to November 2018; Tropicana Atlantic City Corp. (“TAC”), a casino and hotel in New Jersey, from May 2014 until September 2018; XO Holdings (“XO”), a provider of telecom services, from September 2011 to January 2018; IEH Auto Parts LLC (“IEHAP”), a distributor of automotive aftermarket parts, from June 2015 to May 2017; and Federal-Mogul Holdings Corporation (“FDML”), a supplier of automotive powertrain and safety components, from October 2012 to February 2016. ACF, AIM, BA, Cadus, CVRR, CVR Partners, EECH, FDML, Ferrous, IEHAP, IA, IAG, IEP, Icahn Capital, IA, IAG, IEHAP, IEP, NSH, NSBC, PBYS, PSC, TAC, TEI, TEC, Vivus, VLTC, WPH and XO each are or previously were indirectly controlled by Carl C. Icahn. Mr. Icahn also has or previously had a non-controlling interest in Conduent and HLF through the ownership of securities. Mr. Gary received his Bachelor of Science degree with senior honors from Georgetown University, as well as a certificate of executive development from Columbia Graduate School of Business.

David L. Lamp
Director, President & Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Lamp has served as our director since January 2018. Mr. Lamp has also served as our President and Chief Executive Officer and as the Executive Chairman of the general partner of CVR Partners, LP (“CVR Partners”) since December 2017, and as a member of the board of directors of the general partner of CVR Partners since January 2018, including as chairman of the board of directors of the general partner of CVR Partners from January 2018 to March 2023. Mr. Lamp has more than 40 years of technical, commercial and operational experience in the refining and chemical industries. He previously served as a director of the general partner of our affiliate, CVR Refining, LP, an independent downstream energy limited partnership, from January 2018 to February 2019; and as president and chief operating officer of Western Refining, Inc., formerly an independent refining and marketing company, from July 2016 until its sale to Andeavor in June 2017. Mr. Lamp serves on the board of directors of the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers Association and is a past chairman. Mr. Lamp graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.

Stephen Mongillo
Director (Audit Committee – Chairman; Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee)
Mr. Mongillo has served as our director since May 2012. Mr. Mongillo is currently the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AMPF, Inc., a distributor of picture frame mouldings and supplies of which he is the principal shareholder. Mr. Mongillo is a private investor and currently serves as a director and chairman of the audit committee of Icahn Enterprises, LP. From January 2008 to January 2011, Mr. Mongillo served as a Managing Director of Icahn Capital LP, the entity through which Mr. Icahn managed third-party investment funds. Prior to joining Icahn Capital LP, Mr. Mongillo worked at Bear Stearns for ten years, most recently as a Senior Managing Director overseeing the leveraged finance group’s efforts in the healthcare, real estate, gaming, lodging, leisure, restaurant and education sectors. Mr. Mongillo has previously served as a director of Herc Holdings Inc., an international provider of equipment rental and services, from 2016 to 2018. Mr. Mongillo received a B.A. from Trinity College and an M.B.A. from the Amos Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth College.

James M. Strock
Director (Audit Committee; Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee – Chairman; Environmental, Health & Safety Committee - Chairman)
Mr. Strock has served as our director since May 2012. Mr. Strock is the Chief Executive Officer of Serve to Lead Group, Inc., which he founded in 1997. Serve to Lead Group, Inc. serves diverse sectors including: finance, manufacturing, transportation, technology, defense, aerospace, health care, real estate, chemicals, professional services, insurance, environmental safety and health, remediation, clean tech, sustainability, energy, and medical cannabis. Mr. Strock, individually and as part of various teams and organizations, serves various functions, including: management, project management, financing, sales and marketing, stakeholder engagement, public advocacy, communication (including new media), crisis communication, strategic planning, regulatory compliance, negotiation, mediation, facilitation, human resources, and training. Mr. Strock has served in senior executive and board positions in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. He served as California’s founding Secretary for Environmental Protection, and as Assistant Administrator for Enforcement (chief law enforcement officer) of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Mr. Strock is the author of three books on leadership, management, and communication. Mr. Strock holds an A.B. from Harvard College and a J.D. from Harvard Law School. He served as captain in the USAR-JAGC.

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